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Water Features

Residential properties across Warner Robins, Lizella, Bollingbroke, Perry, Byron, Kathleen, Bonaire and Macon have been designed in a beautiful manner. They add to the aesthetics of the house structure and the landscaped areas lend a distinct freshness and charm to the surroundings. It’s the same with most properties across Warner Robins, Lizella, Bollingbroke, Perry, Byron, Kathleen, Bonaire and Macon too.

We at Blue Sky Maintenance Solutions, LLC are a leading landscaping company in the region and over the years, have handled a large number of residential landscape installation projects in the most expert manner. Landscape design involves the inclusion of a number of features such as retaining walls, brick, concrete and natural stone pavers, boundary walls, outdoor kitchens, decks and patios etc. The other important element that many people opt for are water features.

Types of Water Features

These features make the place look more alive and we can design and install water features of various types including:

  • Waterfalls - Many of our customers choose to get natural stone waterfalls installed. We can design these in a formal or casual style and make them blend in seamlessly with the styling of the rest of your landscaping
  • .
  • Fountains - Several of our clients prefer to get stone fountains installed on their property. At times, they also ask for one installation as a focal point of the rest of the landscaping, and another smaller fountain will be installed at another point in the garden or yard. Some customers like bird bath fountains on their property and we can install those too.
  • Ponds - Today, Asian landscaping themes are a popular trend and people like Zen styled landscaping elements. Many customers choose to have Koi ponds installed on their properties. These ponds have Koi fish and aquatic plants growing in them. These lend a very unique look to the property; but they are a high maintenance installation and you have to look after these features well
  • Streams - This lends a very quaint look to the garden. The stream may be a standalone feature or an extension of a waterfall; both look very stunning and add to the freshness of the property

High Quality Rock Waterfall Installations

Regardless of the type of water feature you opt for, you want to be assured that the installation of good quality and that it will last for a long time. We have years of experience in this space and provide high grade installations and workmanship.

Our highly experienced personnel ensure that the job is completed in the most efficient manner and with the least amount of disturbance to the workings of your home. If you have a design idea for the water feature you want installed, we can give it form. If you prefer that we provide ideas, we can do that too.

For more information about any of our services fill out our contact form and we will respond to you at our earliest convenience, or for a faster response call us at 478-231-8691. We will provide custom solutions at a very reasonable waterfall installation cost. Send us your queries and we will revert shortly.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in GA:

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