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Residential Services

Blue Sky Maintenance Solutions, LLC is a very well-established company that provides high grade landscape, lighting, drainage and a range of other services to residential customers in and around Warner Robins, Lizella, Bollingbroke, Perry, Byron, Kathleen, Bonaire and Macon. We have created a distinct reputation for ourselves, in this field and over the years have also built a very strong customer base across Warner Robins, Lizella, Bollingbroke, Perry, Byron, Kathleen, Bonaire and Macon. The range of services we provide are:

  • Landscape Design & Installation

    - Designing landscapes involves a considerable amount of planning and skill and we go about this job in an extremely methodical manner. We provide end-to-end solutions for softscaping, hardscaping, water feature and retaining walls installations, drainage and irrigation design and installation too. Read More About Landscape Design & Installation »

  • Hardscapes

    - Hardscaping is the foundation on which the rest of the features in your landscape are built. We handle end-to-end conceptualization, design and install of all types of hardscaping and outdoor masonry features such as Garden paths, Driveways and walkways, Boundary walls and privacy screens, Garden steps, Water features, Patios and decks, Outdoor kitchens and other elements. Read More About Hardscapes »

  • Irrigation Installation & Repair

    - Our company provides excellent irrigation installation services and we can install manual and automated sprinklers, soaker hoses and drip irrigation system. We also provide comprehensive repair solutions for all these systems. Read More About Irrigation Installation & Repair »

  • Custom Lighting

    - The best way to add to the functionality of the indoor and outdoor spaces is to add custom lighting fixtures. This makes them more usable and adds to the safety and aesthetics of your property as well. We install subdued lighting, Pendant lamps, Wall sconces, Chandeliers, Floor mounted lamps, Table lamps and Task lighting for kitchen and study areas etc. Read More About Custom Lighting »

  • Concrete Staining & Repair

    - Concrete features can get impacted by cracks& other damage caused by moisture or freeze-thaw. Oil spills and heavy objects falling on the floor can also damage concrete. We provide complete concrete repair, staining, sealing and repair solutions. Read More About Concrete Staining & Repair »

  • Painting

    - We handle painting projects such as Apartment complex painting, Condo paint jobs, Complete house repainting, Basic touch-up jobs and a lot more. Read More About Painting »

  • Pressure Washing

    - The driveway, pathways, walkways and other outdoor spaces on your property see a lot of foot and vehicular traffic. Some of these areas also have to deal with oil stains, dirt, debris, leaves and branches fall on them; and they over time, and they start looking dull and worn and climatic changes take their toll. We provide excellent power–washing services and clean all these spaces to perfection. Read More About Pressure Washings »

  • Playground Installation

    - In our playground installation services we provide Playground inspections, Playground turf installation, Equipment and accessory installation, repair & removals, Installations of modular shelters, Amenity removals & installations, Merry-go-round installation, Shade & Shelters for commercial playgrounds and parks. Read More About Water Features »

  • Water Features

    - As part of our landscaping services we design and install water features such as Waterfalls, Fountains, Ponds and Streams. We can add these features to existing landscapes too. Read More About Playground Installation »

  • Drainage Solutions

    - When we design landscapes for any of our customers, we pay extra attention to the irrigation design plans. We install French Drains, Trench Drains, and Dry Creek Drainage Solutions etc. at strategic points on the property. In addition to this, we handle swale & culvert installation, driveway, walkway and pathway drainage too. Read More About Drainage Solutions »

  • Epoxy Floor Coating

    - We provide epoxy floor coating services for both outdoor and indoor surfaces that require protection from the elements, chemicals, wear and tear, and other damaging factors. We use proven products that provide long-lasting toughness and extend your floors’ lifespan. From creating a beautiful finish to creating a durable surface, we can use the right products to help you achieve the perfect combination of results. When it comes to aesthetics, you can opt for coating systems with custom colors, patterns, and textures.

    We can create epoxy floor coating solutions that provide a shiny and hard-wearing surface that resists water, oil stains, various chemicals, and the elements. It is easy to clean and protects your patio, deck, or garage floor from wear and tear. You will thus have a surface that requires minimal or no maintenance. You will thus no longer have to worry about moisture seeping into the ground or cracks and flaws creating an unsightly appearance. Read More About Epoxy Floor Coatings »
For more information about any of our services fill out our contact form and we will respond to you at our earliest convenience, or for a faster response call us at 478-231-8691.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in GA:

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