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Pressure Washing

Every responsible commercial property owner likes to ensure that their property is spruced-up and in a good condition at all times. After all, first impressions matter a great deal in any business. Having well-maintained indoor and outdoor spaces is a great way to make a good impression on clients, customers and employees who work on the premises as well.

While most of the interior spaces get cleaned regularly, the outdoor spaces tend to get slightly sidelined. Commercial landscapes may not be extensively used, but the fact is they add to the value of the property. They also lend a distinct freshness and charm to the property and make it a better place to work in and frequent.

Why Do Outdoor Spaces Have To Be Pressure Cleaned?

Unfortunately, the outdoor spaces see a significant amount of wear and tear; they are exposed to the elements as well as more vehicular and foot traffic. Apart from this, dirt, debris, dust and leaves and branches tend to fall on these areas and make them look drab and dull. While most properties have in-house ground maintenance staff, there are times when only a professional power washing session will help get the exterior areas looking clean again.

We at Blue Sky Maintenance Solutions, LLC are one of the leading pressure cleaning companies and handle projects for customers in and around Warner Robins, Lizella, Bollingbroke, Perry, Byron, Kathleen, Bonaire and Macon. In the recent past, we have also handled a large number of paver pressure-cleaning jobs for customers in Warner Robins, Lizella, Bollingbroke, Perry, Byron, Kathleen, Bonaire and Macon. While this job may seem simple, it is a highly specialized one. Pressure cleaning is much more than taking a high pressure hose and cleaning all the masonry features and exterior walls of a building.

Pressure Cleaning- Aspects We Focus On

This job requires careful planning, the right techniques and equipment, and should be handled only by skilled personnel. These are the things we focus on:

  • We have a team of highly skilled pressure cleaning professionals that ensure the right amount of water pressure is used
  • They are very careful while cleaning exterior surfaces and ensure that none of the features on your property are damaged in any way
  • Features made of softer materials such as wood & aluminum require a much lower psi. On the other hand, harder materials such as pavers, concrete walls etc. will require a higher psi.
  • While the actual cleaning time required isn’t much, the pre-preparation and the cleanup job post completion of the outdoor pressure cleaning, can be extremely time consuming. If there are some extra delicate features on the property, we will cover those up before cleaning the other areas. The doors and windows will be closed, so no water gets into the interior spaces, when the exterior wall cleaning is being done.

We pressure clean driveways, walkways, stone, brick and concrete paving, exterior walls, retaining walls, boundary walls and other masonry features on commercial properties. For more information about any of our services fill out our contact form and we will respond to you at our earliest convenience, or for a faster response call us at 478-231-8691.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in GA:

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